Nicky and Eddie

When one colourful wedding leads to another… I was referred to Nicky and Eddie by some mutual friends whose awesome Brixton wedding I photographed 3 years ago, which was my first foray into wedding photography. From this mutual connection alone, I knew Nicky and Eddie's was going to be a fun, vibrant and original day and it massively exceeded that expectation!

I’ll set the scene; Wiltshire countryside, bright and sunny August day (with a teeny rain shower), I roll around the corner to see Wick Bottom Barn shining up at me with festoon lighting, surrounded by tents and brightly dressed people. This was not going to be a formal wedding. As the barn only hosts one wedding a week, it meant Nicky and Eddie could arrive a few days before to get decorating, and as the couple usually run a tent at a festival, they knew exactly what they were doing. Everything was designed around the guests having fun, Eddie had made a bar and a tenpin bowling alley, there was a ‘glitter station’, dart board as well as the inside of the barn decorated with hundreds of origami birds, paper pompoms, glittering bunting and fairy lights. And to top it all off, Eddie had fixed up a 1984 VW Golf (the year Nicky was born) as a surprise for her, which then evolved into a photo booth for everyone to pose in!

This couple also have some very talented friends who made a huge contribution to the day. The blessing was given by family friend, Mary, which made it really personal. Jess and Tara had written their own readings for the couple, which moved even the photographer to tears(!). Barney had made all the delicious vegetarian food, and the music was provided by all the couple’s DJ mates. 

Huge respect to Nicky and Eddie for not following the normal wedding traditions, for proudly doing their own thing and creating a big party for all their friends and family - it was one HELL of a wedding! 

Here are a few of my favourites, but scroll down for the full gallery...