Poppy and Erick


Poppy and Erick had a month of wedding celebrations; first in Erick's home town in Mexico and then a British wedding in London. It was such a happy day with lots of Mexican influences, the fantastic Mariachi band who got everyone on their feet dancing, the handmade paper decorations, the Mexican chocolate favours and the best part of all, the passing around of the Huitzila Mezcal (from Erick's region in Mexico) which made sure those who were brave enough to take a swig got a rapture of applause.

Apart from the bride and groom, the star of the show was Diego, Poppy and Erick's one-year old son, who was an angel throughout the ceremony and really enjoyed the party - until it was his bedtime. This was a lovely family celebration where everyone was smiling from start to finish. Thank you for sharing your Dulwich-meets-Mexico wedding with me - I had a great time. Below are a few of my favourites followed by the full edit...